S O F T L I F E – RnB | Dancehall | Afrobeats

S O F T L I F E  - RnB | Dancehall | Afrobeats


23. September 2023 - 24. September 2023    
16:00 - 01:00


✨ S O F T L I F E ✨ 2 3. 0 9. 2 0 2 3
RnB | Dancehall | Afrobeats
„People im really exited to introduce you to my upcoming party called 𝚂𝚘𝚏𝚝 𝙻𝚒𝚏𝚎 inspired by Summer Walker’s EP. Time to celebrate my 30th birthdaaaay 🪐🌱✨
Some of my favorite favorite favorite DJs will be there to make sure to bring the right vibe! Get ready for the smoothest R&B, afrobeats and dancehall music, so we can all enjoy ourselves and dance like nobody’s watching.💫
This isn’t just a party—it’s a tribute to loving yourself, embracing your soft side, cherishing friendships, and celebrating the growth that comes with knowing your worth. 🤍
Please remember, our party has zero tolerance for sexism, racism, or any kind of discrimination. We’re here to enjoy ourselves and create unforgettable memories.
People all I can say is that this party will be diffrent from other parties you are used to😏 so dont miss itttt!
🕓 ! We start at 16.00 o’clock (4pm) allready and party till open end !
DJ Pappi (JA🇯🇲) @dj__pappi
DJ Dreya (Berlin) @dreyamusic
DJ Mi.like (Bielefeld)
DJ Ikone (Herford) @_i_k_o_n_e_
Fla Fla | Diebrocker Straße 2 – 4 | 32051 Herford